Saturday, September 13, 2014

May we never loose our wonder

Almost three weeks have past since we first arrived here in Mozambique at the Zimpeto Children's Centre home to approximately 250 children who have been orphaned, abandoned or in need of emergency care.

More and more I find myself captivated by the simple everyday familiar things of life in Africa which often seem more prevalent than the extreme differences between two continents. For example, every time I see a salamander scurry along the walls of the dorm or sometimes even inside along the walls of our bedroom, I can't help but stop and stare. The other staff here chukkle at me when I point them out. Their laughter seems to indicate that this is such a regular part of life here its not even worth noting. I'm still caught up in the initial wonder and amazement.

Of course there are many other everyday wonders apart from bugs and insects. Most notable is the wonder of each child--like when Francisca runs up to me to give a huge hug as soon as she sees me each day as though so much time has passed since I last saw her. Her bright smile and missing teeth glowing up at me always make me stop and appreciate the beauty of these simple moments. Or the joys of helping the youngest girls get lotion after shower time. It may seem small and mundane to others, but to me, it is one of the highlights of my day. And slowly but surely I'm even starting to figure out which of the girls try to sneak away without getting any lotion. "Get back here Rubia," I call out in my broken portuguese, "don't you try to sneak past me again today."

As time passes here and as this place becomes more and more our home, I pray I'll never loose the wonder. One Bethel Music song by Amanda Cook called "Wonder" continues to echo through my mind these past few weeks. The essence of the song is that we would never loose our wonder of an awesome and amazing God. As I see the beauty of God in each of these precious children around me and in little fleeting moments, may I never loose the wonder.

And that's about all I can write for now---it's Saturday morning here and I have a handful of girls banging at my door. Maybe they want a new pair of flip flops, a craft, an activity, a new skirt, or maybe---they're just waiting for a goodmorning hug.

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