Monday, June 29, 2015

Cutting the cake--endless opportunity!

A few weeks ago I was flippling through Pinterest (a guilty pleasure) and I stumbled upon a beautiful wedding cake. Not caring too much for tradition, we had chosen a cupcake tree for our wedding (beautifully put together by my cousin and best friend). If only I had seen this cake before our wedding, that's totally what I would have chosen, I thought to myself. And then in that silly moment, I couldn't but feel a little disappointed at the missed opportunity. But then I felt God nudge me and say, 'But wait, it's not too late. It's never too late.'

And so in celebration of our two year wedding anniversary, I decided to make this silly cake I had fallen in love with on Pinterest. On Saturday morning I shoed a few girls out of our room telling them I had to go and make a cake. 'Why are you making a cake,' they wondered, 'and who are you making the cake for.' 'I'm making it for my husband to celebrate our anniversary,' I answered. 'Noooo,' they all echoed in unison, 'you can't make it for just him, Evan can't eat it all. We want a cake too! We want to celebrate with you!'

And so I headed towards the kitchen to make a true wedding-size cake, big enough to serve our seventy-three girls. And when the time came to celebrate, we called all the girls for a special garden party with dancing, cake, cookies and sweets. And it just so happened, we had a visitor from South Africa who offered to take some pictures for us--we found out later she also happens to be a professional photographer. Needless to say, the party was a blast. It was a beautiful opportunity to celebrate family and marriage with our girls--many of whom have never experienced having both parents alive and living together in the same house let alone celebrate an anniversary.

As we cut the cake, I thanked God for an amazing husband, wonderful girls, and a great start to our marriage. And I couldn't help but thank God for the opportunity to cut the cake of our dreams two years after our wedding. It seemed so silly and meaningless, re-creating a frilly cake off of Pinterest. But God knows the desires of my heart, even the ridiculous small ones. And He reminded me that it's never too late, that He is God of fulfilled dreams and endless potential. So often I look at our girls and I can't help but see years of missed opportunities. Missed meals that lead to severe malnutrition, missed school that lead to illiteracy, missed family that lead to heartbreak and abandonment....and the list goes on. At times, I find myself wondering whether they've hit a point of no return. Whether no amount of love, nourishment, or education could ever make up for the years of lack. And so God used this pink frilly anniversary cake of our to remind me that God sees the dreams and potential of all of our girls so much more than we ever could. And if He cares about an anniversary cake, how much more does He care about the magnificient futures of our girls. He knows their hearts and He knows their dreams. And despite what seems like a past of missed opportunities hovering over these little ones, He is the God of oppertunity and I can only press forward knowing that the best is yet to come!

...To my best friend, the guy so crazy in love that he jumped on an airplane for the first time in his life and followed me to the ends of the earth. Two years, two continents, seventy-three girls and a whole lot of love, it's certainly been an adventure of a lifetime.

Two years down, forever to go & I'm looking forward to every minute and every oppertunity. 


  1. Hi guys!

    What an amazing couple you are. The girls are so lucky to have you as parents. I miss the Zimpeto Kids already it's insane! You guys are such an inspiration to me and I pray God keeps His hand on your relationship and on you as parents of some amazing, vibrant and beautiful young girls! And it was such an honour to take photographs for you and be a part of such a special moment! Nothing else like a celebration with such special people in such a special place! Miss you guys already!

  2. What a wonderful anniversary! Bless you!