Friday, July 31, 2015

A Cinderella Moment

Almost a teenager, she confidently walks into my home.

She is new to our centre-only having arrived a few days ago. Her smile radiates and she looks stunning in her new outfit she chose from our bag of clothes just days before.

Today I called her in to choose a pair of shoes for school. 

As she walked into the room, I took a deep breath feeling a little anxious and nervous myself. Wanting to give the world to this precious little girl whose childhood and innocence has been robbed a million times over, I dreaded the thought of picking out a pair of shoes that was anything less than the best. Unfortunately, scouring through a bag of used shoes isn't always the most rewarding process when trying to please young fashion oriented eyes. 

As we ruffled through the bag of shoes together, suddenly we stumbled upon a beautiful pair of purple flats. As she slipped them on her little feet, it felt like a true Cinderella moment. The slipper fit!

She smiled at me and then looked down at the cheap pair of flip flops she had been wearing for days through the dirty dangerous rugged streets of town. "My dad bought me these flip flops," she said. "I was only supposed to wear them to take a shower"....but then she trailed off. God only knows how long it's been since she's owned a pair of shoes, if ever. God only knows....
It's days like today I can't help but stand in the shower and cry. Thinking of all the luxuries lavished upon me as a child and all the basic necessities that have been robbed from their little lives. It's the silly little moments like this that suddenly make the ever sickening poverty all around me sink in and take its full effect and toll.

But all the while, it's days like today when I am reminded that not only does our Heavenly Father know every hair on our head, He also knows the size of our feet. And somehow, He cares even more for these girls than I could ever even fathom. Enough to prepare the perfect pair of shoes for this special little one.