Saturday, December 31, 2016

Pennyless at Christmas

I can imagine what it's like to not have enough money to buy Christmas presents for my children. I can imagine the stinging conversations that parents are forced to have with their young ones. When food takes precident over gifts. When necessities trump the luxuries of Christmas gifts. When parents are forced to explain that Christmas won't be filled with gifts this year. I can imagine the soaring pain in each child's heart as they realize their family won't get to celebrate Christmas like other families. Pennyless at Christmas time is a harsh reality many families face all over the world.

Evan and I have seventy girls. And though we work around the clock, we earn no income. Our work here in Mozambique is sustained by the generosity of everyday men and women who believe in something greater than themselves. To our friends, our families, our monthly supporters, those who rallied with us at Christmas time and even the strangers we have yet to meet on this side of heaven, words will never be enough to say thank you for your generosity in making Christmas 2016 one to remember. Thank you for your prayers and financial gifts that continue to bring smiles daily. To those of you who have never met our girls but care so much for them that you went out of your way to help sponsor our Christmas--may you be blessed abundantly for having believed without seeing.

Because of you, our girls had the oppertunity to enjoy Christmas. There will forever be something so special about waking up on Christmas morning surrounded by gifts and goodies. Each girl received new shoes, a new school bag full of gifts, and a new outfit. A slip and slide, bicycles, and tons of fun! These are all but a small earthly reminded of the greatest gift of all: Jesus.
Merry Christmas. From our family to yours. Thank you for once again helping put presents under our tree! To those of you in Canada, England, the United States and Mozambique that made it all possible, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years! May your homes be filled with as much joy and love as ours!

Our Christmas Slideshow 2016:

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