Thursday, September 21, 2017

Six Months

While we were at home, I was often asked how it felt to be a first time mom. I couldn’t help but chuckle when the question was asked. After all, it had been so long since I had felt like a first time mom. While Mateus may have been our first-born, he is far from the first child we’ve been blessed to mother and father.

I’ve heard many say that they never knew how much they could love and how deep they could love until the birth of their children. And while I feel this is a beautiful sentiment, it was not my reality. Truth be told, I knew the love I could feel, I knew the depth. But Mateus wasn’t the one to teach me that-it was our girls. Our girls have challenged us, stretched us, inspired us, and amazed us in more ways than we could ever imagine.

After six months, I must admit, I am not surprised by how much I love our beautiful baby boy---but I am surprised how much I like him! Our youngest girl was four years old when she came to us. I knew how fun school age kiddos were, but I was unaware just how much fun babies are! He is funny, adventurous, determined, strong-willed, playful, flexible, and so much more. He has been a beautiful gift from God to us and I’m forever grateful. Our pastors back home told us that God gave us exactly the kind of baby we needed and they couldn’t be more accurate. In six months, Mateus has braved over 40 hours of travel and international flights, been passed around hundreds if not thousands of times, and survived 37C heat during Mozambique’s winter months. And best of all, he’s done it with a smile.

There is something so exciting and magical about introducing a new baby to their older siblings. And while Mateus had to wait a little longer than normal to meet his big sisters, the anticipation, suspense, and beauty of the moment was no less. As we landed in Maputo back in July we received a video message from another missionary with a video of our girls playing on the play structure chanting our names in joyful anticipation. As the car pulled in the gate, the “lookout” who was waiting by our home ran to tell the rest and within fifteen seconds dozens of girls came pouring into our home. They knocked Evan over and ran towards Mateus. A family united once again.

So what’s it like being back at Zimpeto with a baby? What’s it like for Mateus who spent 4 months as a seemingly only child now to share Mom and Dad with seventy sisters---that’s for another blog. As for now-happy six months Mateus.