Ways to Get Involved

Wondering how you can get involved, follow our journey and support us on our adventures in Africa.

1) Follow our blog (evanandnatasha.blogspot.com), comment on our post and keep sending us emails (natashachristina316@gmail.com) to let us know what you are up to back at home.

2) Pray! Your prayers mean so much to us and make a powerful difference. This website (http://www.irisminzimpeto.org/getinvolved/getinvolved.html) also lists some specific ideas of how to pray for us at the Zimpeto Centre. 

Pray For US! 
  • Preparing our hearts: For everything that God has in store
  • Financial Provision: As we step out in faith, were believing God will provide a monthly financial team to support our work
  • Transition: Quickly adjusting to a new culture as we move our lives to Africa
  • Learning Portuguese: Were working on our portuguese skills in the months leading
Pray for Mozambique! 
After being shattered by colonialism and civil war, debt burdens and natural disasters, Mozambique remains one of the world's poorest nations. Personal brokenness also persists as many have been traumatized by the violence and deprivation. Turn these major challenges into prayer:
  • Continuing natural disasters. The cyclones, floods and earthquakes disrupt development and destroy infrastructure, not to mention take many lives.
  • Dependency. Heavy reliance on aid and a high public debt combine with existing poverty to make economic growth a challenge. Many struggle from day to day just to survive, but progress is being made.
  • Disease. Life expectancy averages only 48 years, to a large degree because of disease and extremely basic medical facilities for most. Pray for effective, practical programmes that assist those who need it most. 
    • AIDS is a major challenge, with 16% of the adult population HIV-positive. The faith communities and government have united with a national action plan. Pray that a reversal, as in some other African countries, might occur. Malaria is an even greater bane, with a much higher prevalence – over 5 million cases a year – taking many lives and sapping the health of those who survive. Other medical issues such as diarrhoea and tuberculosis become even more lethal amidst intense poverty and especially when combined with the above two diseases. 
3) Donate: See our Financial Support Page: http://evanandnatasha.blogspot.ca/p/donate_6.html or click on the DONATE Icon on the right side of the screen.

4) Visit us! Ever wanted to volunteer in Africa? Anyone interested in visiting Iris Ministries in Zimpeto, Mozambique is welcome to apply as a short-term volunteer. For more information about volunteering on a short-term basis at Iris Ministries Zimpeto, email zimpetohospitality@irisglobal.org or check out http://www.irisminzimpeto.org/home.html

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